How to Apply?

Application process:
Talk to the program advisor on your campus. The advisor can answer questions such as: Are there other students you can talk to who have been on the program? What courses will be offered? How will credits from the program fit in with your major and graduation requirements? What is the application deadline on your campus? Will your financial aid follow you? Fill out the application and return it to the program advisor by the campus application deadline date.

Please note many countries require a Visa. Speak with the program advisor on your campus early on to learn whether or not a Visa is required for the country you plan to study in.

Application documents:

If you are a student at one of the US Lasallian universities or colleges, you will remain enrolled at your school and pay tuition and program fees there. Tuition and housing rates vary across programs. Tuition is based on your campus tuition rates and may include an additional surcharge depending on the program. Contact the person on your campus responsible for study abroad regarding costs involved, financial aid applicability, and for more information specific to your institution. Some restrictions may apply based on the policies and procedures of your home institution.

Credit and grades:
Contact the program advisor on your campus about credit and grades for the study abroad program in which you are interested.