Queen Mary University of London has a world-renowned faculty and a variety of academic options that can accommodate all majors. It is situated in the heart of the East End, an area of London with a rich past, but also one which has become one of the capital’s most vibrant and exciting areas. The East End of London is an area rich in history and cultural diversity and is very much the “real” London.


Maria Flores

Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, England, UK, is located in the northwest of England, Lancashire District, near the lively cities of Liverpool and Manchester. It is a co-educational university of arts and sciences offering a wide variety of study choices. Situated in a charming thirteenth century market town in bucolic rural England, it is one of Edge Hill's three campuses. There are over 7,000 commuter students with approximately 800 campus residents. Edge Hill has welcomed over 500 US students into its program in recent years, and it remains a popular destination for discerning study abroad students.


Mary McConner, Ph.D.
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This twelve week Fall semester program, open to all majors, is located in London, one of the great cultural meccas of the world. Classes are a combination of lectures and guided field trips.  Students explore first-hand the historical sites and rich resources of this renowned city.  London has so many restaurants, sporting events, museums, theatres and outdoor markets that it is impossible to experience it all in one semester.


Vicki McDonald, M.A.